And the Jawbone’s Connected to…..

cow jawboneAfter losing a tooth and getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy, my little guy was mighty impressed.  He set to work on his other teeth, hoping to increase his fortune.  Alas, no luck.  He thought he’d stumbled up on a bonanza several days later when he found this cow jawbone in the field next to our house.  He came wagging it in, intending to put it under his pillow that night, looking forward to a great haul.  He did find a dollar and a note from the Tooth Fairy, saying she was impressed, but wouldn’t be collecting cow teeth in the future, jawbones were just too heavy.  He was thrilled!

17 thoughts on “And the Jawbone’s Connected to…..

  1. Ha Ha. Reminds me of my niece who found the puppy’s baby teeth everywhere and thought she’d put them under her pillow for the tooth fairy. She was a little upset to find a variety of dog biscuits instead of the pounds she’d been expecting!

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