Ask Auntie Linda, October 27, 2015

Auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda, I am a senior in high school, the oldest of eight children, the youngest a set of three-year-old twins.  Mom is pregnant again.  I come from a very eligious family and have always had to help take care of my younger brothers and sisters and help mom in the house.  I never got to take part in sports or any extra-curricular activities because Mom said she couldn’t do without me.  I won an engineering scholarship to a university out of state.  It has always been my dream to be an engineer.  My parents say I cannot go off to college with the new baby coming.  I need to take classes at the community college since I am needed more than ever.  I love my parents but don’t feel this is my responsibility.  Would I be wrong to defy them and go on.? What do I do?  Honor thy father and mother.

Dear Honor.  It is good that you have been helpful as long as you have.  One child’s well-being should not be more important than another.  The children are your parent’s responsibility, not yours.  You need to make a life for yourself and let your parents be responsible for their own children.  They may get mad, but they have leaned on you long enough.  Auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda, I had no idea my wife was having an affair.  Tragically, she died after giving birth.  The baby Is obviously biracial.  The DNA test shows I am not the biological father.  I have no idea who the father is.  Our four-year-old daughter is devastated at the loss of her mother and in love with the new sister she had been so looking forward to.  I am still reeling with shock at my wife’s sudden death and now the knowledge of her betrayal.  I don’t feel I can snatch this baby out of my daughter’s life, too.  My wife’s sister wants to adopt the baby, but lives in another state.    Legally, the baby is mine.  My parents live just around the corner.  I will need help should I keep the baby, but they want nothing to do with it.  What would be best for both girls?  Need help.

Dear Needs Help.  A baby is just a baby.  You don’t owe anyone explanations about the child’s parentage.  There are many single parents raising children.  Examine your heart and make your decision based on the needs of you and your daughter(s). This is your daughter’s sister.  Your parents feelings aren’t the issue. Auntie Lnda

25 thoughts on “Ask Auntie Linda, October 27, 2015

  1. It happens all the time that people keep having children they are not equipped to handle in the name of religion. It sounds like the parents have become the children and the children are becoming the parents. That’s what I hear. How can you tell your child that they have to fulfill your responsibilities at the cost of his/her dreams? If that child doesn’t leave now, they never will because there will always be another “baby on the way”. I have no problem with people who have a lot of children when they can adequately support each and every one giving them everything they need, love and attention included. Nothing wrong with community college for starters but if he/she won a scholarship, how can they justify what they are trying to do? I would be willing to bet they cannot “pay” for his/her college so turning down a scholarship may mean he/she will never complete their education or be in debt for the rest of his/her life. Ha! It sounds like I think it is my business.

    So sad about the man whose wife died. So many emotions to deal with. It’s so easy for us to say what he should or should not do but he must be so overwhelmed with so many different emotions. He not only will have to grieve the loss of his wife but also grieve the loss of his marriage as he knew it. The baby is innocent but it is also a reminder of the infidelity. I am pretty sure he will do the responsible thing and raise the child in love because he seems to be a loving, caring person. That being said, he has a right to feel all that he is feeling.


    • Thanks for caring. That girl does need to take advantage of the opportunity. Her parents need to meet their responsibilities. I hope that baby is a cherished member of the family. They need each other.

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  2. Good advice He can’t throw the poor little darling out . She is completely innocent. I am so mad at the selfish parents of that child. It is not his responsibility and his life shouldn’t be put on hold for their good times 😡


  3. His parents want nothing to do with “it”? It is his daughter’s sister regardless of the father . The baby has no other family close by. If he is willing to love and raise the baby he should have everyone’s support for being a good human being. First letter – Religious or not, don’t intentionally get pregnant if you can’t fit another baby into your life our hire a nanny. touché’ Good answers


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