Smarty Kitty/ In Honor of National Cat’s Day



Don’t ever watch infomercials when you’re bored and your wallet is handy.  Had a cold a few weeks ago, was flipping channels, and happened on a commercial for Smarty-Kitty, a product that will train a cat of any age to use the toilet.  I didn’t need Smarty-Kitty.  Squeaky, my ragdoll cat is five years old and up until I interfered with his life at that point, had never had an accident.  Well, naturally, I got busy and ordered Smarty-Kitty and the amazing “But wait” cat products that came along with it, postage and handling separate.  As soon as Smarty-Kitty arrived, I set it up as directed on a stool, in the bathroom near toilet, and Squeaky accommodated my craziness by using it, just like the commercial said he would.  We progressed in baby steps, as directed, moving it closer, finally, putting cat toilet directly on toilet seat.  Squeaky was okay with all this until I reached the point that I started cutting out circles when he would have been pooping directly into the toilet.  This was too much for him and he revolted and started pooping in bathtub.  I repented and put catbox back immediately, but he refuses to forgive me.  Since that time, any time I leave my bathroom door open, he poops in the bathtub, on a towel if he can find one, or on my bathroom rug.  He even got my sewing kit once. I have repented of buying Smarty-Kitty many times, but have yet to obtain Squeaky’s forgiveness.  I will never mess with a cat’s bathroom habits again.

Posted in Honor of National Cat’s Day.  Unfortunately, this sweet kitty is no longer with us.

37 thoughts on “Smarty Kitty/ In Honor of National Cat’s Day

  1. I bought two Breeze litter boxes for my 2 cats. My husband said “Yodi doesn’t like the new litter box.” I basically ignored him because I wanted so badly for it to work out. Then I found cat poop on every one of my 3 guest beds. My husband said, “I told you Yodi doesn’t like the new litter box.” I gave in and rebooted the old litter box for him. I wondered to my daughter (Yodi’s previous owner) why Yodi didn’t like the box telling her about an article I read in “Cat Fancy” that said sometimes cats don’t like the smell or feel of the litter. My daughter said, “That makes sense, Yodi had never been outside before he went to live with you so his feet are still sensitive.” I am amazed at the ways cats find to tell you what is going on with them.


  2. I won one of those on a radio show. I didn’t want it but I set it up on the pot and showed my cat. He looked at me like…um. No. I gave it to Goodwill.
    I also wrote an essay about infomercials. The slice-o-matic was my final purchase.


  3. Doug Lafuze says:

    I had the bright idea to spray our cat’s litter box with Lysol before refilling it once, it seemed like a good idea to cut the smell down. She refused to use it, even after I washed it out! I had to buy a new litter box just to get her to quit going all over the house. I learned then not to mess with their bathroom…

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  4. Many of us have learned the hard way about messing with a kittie’s bathroom rituals! The potty on the toilet thing does work for a lot of cats but I would be afraid to try it unless it was right at the beginning. So sorry you lost Squeaky- our furry babies become family for sure

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  5. I’m sorry you no longer have the kitty, but the post is funny. I always wondered whether or not those products would work.

    On the home front, I once saw advertised a nail-sander for dogs. Instead of clipping the nails, the machine would gently sand off the tips, supposedly. Sounded like a great idea. I saw one at Walmart and was in line at the register. The guy in front of me saw what I was holding and said, “Yeah I thought that was a great product too so I bought one. When I turned it on, it made so much noise (whirring and grinding) that my dog wouldn’t go anywhere near it.

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