If I Were a Rich Man!



I hate this.  After the recent storm, we had a leak around the flashing around our chimney.  Bud is perfectly willing and able to do repairs, but I hate seeing him pull out the ladder to climb on the roof.  He finished the repair and was back safely on the ground in ten minutes and saved the cost of a repair.  He’s always reminding me he’s not a rich man, but I believe he would still do this if he were.   What you don’t see is me waiting and watching below.  We are both retired RNs, with extensive experience taking care of those who have fallen of roofs.  Thank God, all went well!

i hate this

35 thoughts on “If I Were a Rich Man!

  1. I can so relate. Every time he gets out the extension ladder, I sweat a little. My constant words to him “Just because you CAN do the job, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.” It falls on deaf ears, he will be a do-it-yourself guy until he’s in the grave. ☺ I’ve got to learn to accept that.


  2. At least it’s a fairly low roof. The old fool I’m married to will go up a 30-foot ladder to make sure he paints that one last square inch under the peak of the house – and this is a guy who’s constantly tripping over his own feet inside the house. A couple of years ago, a neighbor down the street decided to clean out the gutters on his 2-1/2 story house, and he fell off the ladder and got a concussion. Why are men so stupid? At least ask for someone to hold the friggin’ ladder!


  3. dave lewis says:

    Somebody should always be holding the ladder when the other person is going up or down and tie it off at the top if you intend to use it more. Think safety Linda!

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  4. 😦 I had a fantasy about stripping off the siding from our house and replacing it with stucco myself. Then I saw these guys up on the roof of another house, totally tripped out with ropes, and I started thinking about it, you fall, you could be dead or paralyzed from the neck down. Not worth it. Next time, send your husband on a long errand and bring in a repairman while he’s gone!!


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