Ask Auntie Linda, November 6, 2016,

Auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda,  My mother is the guidance counselor at my high school.  She is loved by the kids, parents, and teachers.  She is bubbly, fun, and goes to bat for everyone, especially the popular kids.  Sometimes she buys shoes or pays fees for students who need it.  She flips the switch on her personality when she gets in the car on the way home, tormenting me about my weight and calls into me a slob.  She is cruel and cutting.  I am not the cheerleader type, just an average girl, not fat or skinny.  She makes it clear I am not good enough.  As soon as she gets home, she starts gets a drink and gets on the computer.  She doesn’t spend any time with me or my brother, screaming “I’m sick of kids.  Leave me the h— alone.”  My dad can’t walk through the room without her jumping on him.

She makes our lives miserable.  What makes her be so mean at home and so sweet at school?  She loves everyone but her family.  Cheated out of a Mom

Dear Cheated, I feel for you.  Sounds like your Mom is better at superficial relationships. She sounds narcissistic, more concerned about herself than her family.  I don’t know what say except to stay close to your dad and brother.  You all need each other.  auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda, I am twenty-four and planning to be married soon in a big traditional wedding.  I saw my father at a restaurant with one of my mother’s friends last week.  I don’t believe he saw me.  Now, I am worried sick.  I always thought my parents had a happy marriage.  I don’t know what to do.  Do I ask my father about this or just let it go? Shocked

Dear Shocked,  Tell your father what you saw.  There may be a good explanation.  Auntie Linda

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