Ask Auntie Linda, Straight Talk from a Straight Shooter

Auntie LindaDear Auntie Linda, I am a sixteen-year old girl. There are four of us children.  My parents insist we attend church services with them twice on Sunday and on Wednesday night.  If one of them is sick or can’t go, we all still have to go.  We have to line up the seats like a bunch of dopes and sit together.  I hate going to this crazy church and don’t share their outrageous beliefs.  This isn’t even a regular church, my grandpa just stands around in in old store on Sundays and lectures us about how to act and what to wear.  It’s mostly about women leading men into sin and “thou shalt not……”  I wouldn’t go, but if I stay at home I have to go to church.  I love my mother and the little kids, but could do without Dad if I had somewhere else to go.  What is a kid supposed to do if their family makes them go to a “nut church.”  Hate it!

Dear Hate it!  It depends entirely on what kind of “nut” things the church believes.  If your church is involved in sexual, psychological, emotional, or physical abuse, this goes beyond the limits of acceptable.  No one should be forced to have sex or be suffer abuse.  The role of religion is guidance and edification not control.  You may have to put up with the churchgoing until you are on your own if there is no abuse involved.  If you feel a line is being crossed, talk to someone outside your family or church.  Auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda, With the Christmas season coming up, I realize again I don’t have normal feelings.  I have never felt love and attachment for anyone or anything.  I have felt angry if I have been mistreated, but that is a measurable emotion, since it involves breaking a rule.  When I see couples together, or people expressing affection toward a child or an animal, I feel mystified.  I have no more desire to pet an animal than a brick.  I don’t feel sad or lonely; I just feel nothing.  I do what is right, but I feel no need to share with anyone.  I follow society’s rules, but don’t feel involved.  I do a good job at work everyday, eat dinner at the same place every night, watch TV or listen to music.  I am pleasant to my neighbors, because it helps life go smoothly, do don’t have any desire to know them.  I exercise to stay healthy.  When I hear people getting fired up about things, I wish they could be reasonable.  Am I the only person who feels this way.  Maybe a Machine

Dear Maybe, I am sure you are not.  I am glad you aren’t happy and live a good life.  Many people don’t do that well.  Auntie Linda

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