Ask Auntie Linda for Straight Talk From a Straight Shooter.

Auntie LindaDear Auntie Linda, My parents have travelled  cross-country to spend Christmas Week with us the past five years since I am an only child and our children the only grandchildren.  My wife’s parents live only four hours away.  She is the youngest of four children.  She and her sisters have eleven children between them.    When we married, my parents asked that we always share Christmas with them since they’d be alone otherwise.  I know my wife would like to spend Christmas with her family this year, but I hate to think of my parents being alone.  My parents are much older and may not have many more Christmases.  Is it wrong of me to Insist on having Christmas week with my family?  Tail in a crack

Dear Tail, Just so you know, no one knows how many holidays are in their future.  Your parents have already manipulated you into spending Chrismas Week with you the past five years.  It is unreasonable that you not share Christmas with your wife’s family from time to time.  I’d say she’s been more than generous.  In a marriage, your first loyalty should be to your wife. Invite your parents for an alternate time, either before or after the holiday.  People celebrate on other days all the time.  Auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda. We can own to visit my parents at Christmas this year.  We havea toddler and an infant.  I want to get a hotel room instead of staying at their house.  They have a cat and dog who climb everywhere and I don’t want them hopping all over the kids bedding.  My father also snores horribly and disturbs our rest.  My parents are very upset that we won’t be spending the night.  We will go over to spend our day.  Is it awful to refuse to stay with them?  Our visit last year seemed endless and none of us got any sleep.  In the doghouse.

Dear Doghouse, No, it’s your visit and your decision.   Everyone needs their sleep and some private time.  Do what’s best for you and your family, but I’d pay for the room myself!  Auntie Linda

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