Tall Tales And Cold, Cold Weather

Re blogging from Vancouver Visions. I just love Brian’s Tall Tales,

Vancouver Visions

Living for the past 35 or so years out here on the relatively mild Canadian west coast, it’s not all that uncommon for people who know that I spent some of my early years living in the central part of the country, to ask me if the stories they have heard about just how cold it can get in Northern Manitoba are really true, or if they’ve been exaggerated somewhat. Whenever I’m asked that question, I always think back to one particular night that I spent as a young boy with my father out on the trap-line. It had been an unusually cold day to begin with, the mercury in the thermometer hovering around the -35 F. mark, so when a stiff north wind started to blow just as the sun began to sink, my father and I both knew it was going to be what we referred to as a…

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