I’m Free by Erika Kind, a Review

I’m Free by Erika Kind is a life-changing read. I have the pleasure of being gifted with an autographed copy by this wonderful lady. The life lessons Erika shares are not preachy or instructional. She teaches by example. I found myself reading, then putting the book down for hours or days to ponder, then coming back after I had had time to put the thoughts in practice. Do yourself a favor, don’t sit down and read this all at once. It is so much more meaningful when taken in bits. I loved this book and will treasure its lessons forever. Thanks so much for sharing, Erika.


This is an unsolicited review I posted on Amazon for Erika’s book.  Erika kindly gifted me with an autographed copy when she visited me months ago.  I have pondered and tucked away bits of it in my soul, which I pull out to savor daily.  It’s insights are incredible.  It has lessons for life, not just a lifetimeErika for post

24 thoughts on “I’m Free by Erika Kind, a Review

  1. I know you came to me from Erika’s Blog.
    Thanks for sharing this; I have promised I shall buy it when get it on the store.
    You are lucky to get an autographed copy.
    Please visit to read my latest Post “Distant Heart”
    I hope you shall like it.

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  2. Wow Linda! You should see me now. Big round eyes and dropped jaw… What an unexpected and beautiful surprise. That is so nice, so very lovely of you! I am so happy you liked the book. Thank you for checking it out. I am out of words at the moment. I can only say thank you from my heart. I wish I could sit in your kitchen with you right now and simple get up and hug you!!! 💖💖💖

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      • That was amazing what you did, Linda! Thank you so very much. Also for leaving the reaview at Amazon. The words you found touched me deeply. I hoped that the book ignites that light which you described so beautifully in your experience. Thank you so much, Linda! Big hugs to you and all your family! 💖

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