Dirty Trick

As we walked across the Walmart parking lot this afternoon, my husband of forty-five years, Bud, pointed out my loose bootlace. I had no intention of bending over in the parking lot to tie it, so replied, “I have a backache.  I’ll tie it later.”

Bud couldn’t deal with the idea of the flopping shoelace, so he rolled his eyes and grumped,  “You can’t walk around like that.  You’ll break your danged neck.  Stand still.  I’ll tie it!”

With that, he dropped down on one knee to tie it, just as a couple of guys walked by, obviously wondering what was going on.

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, spouting,  “No, I won’t marry you!  Now get up!”


74 thoughts on “Dirty Trick

  1. I always try to memorize one joke to tell in case a conversation lags. It’s hopeless, because I can remember the setup or the punch line, but not both together. I’ve got this one. Your story is going to provide wider entertainment in the near future. Thank you for the ammunition. You are absolutely brilliant!


  2. Good thinking. Priceless! Reminds me of a time, a zillion years ago when a bunch of us, on a Friday, would frequent a particular establishment. One afternoon the guys began talking about a particular piece of graffiti above the urinal. Anyhow, on a visit to the ladies, I ran into two of my male friends who wanted to show it to me. The male washroom was empty, so in we went. As we came out, another male, whom we didn’t know was on his way in. I was walking between my two friends, who both, in unison, turned to me and said, “Thank you, very much!”

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  3. Gosh darn! I should have done that BEFORE my husband proposed. But then again, strangers don’t know I’m married. This is going to be my official prank. I can picture his face like, “WHAT!!??” and the people walking by cooing. Good one!

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