Early Evening Cruising

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IMGP8571 Giving me the hairy eyeball

Several months ago my youngest daughter graduated nursing school and moved 500 miles from home to work in a hospital.  Soon after she started the job she became more and more anxious about her new career.  She worried that she’d made the wrong decision with nursing.  The patient/nurse ratio was overwhelming, the other nurses were proficient and confident while she second-guessed everything she did.  A few doctors were demeaning and condescending and she started calling home every couple of nights with increasing panic.

I encouraged and consoled and used my best confidence-building pep talks during these calls but I worried.  I was out of my league here. I could no more be a nurse than fly to the moon.  I lack empathy. I mean I have plenty but it wears out pretty quick.  womanwtfPlus, there’s the whole blood, vomit, urine, feces issue.  My husband’s morning…

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