55 thoughts on “Birdseed for Valentines

  1. Thanks Linda for graciously dropping by mine, in turn also connecting me to your wonderful world of stories and life’s little pleasures. Forty six married years sit ever so lightly on your cheerful face that can still generate a thousand admiring glances. Valentine greetings from my side as well. Best wishes… Raj.

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    • We will be your valentine, sending virtual chocolate covered pumpkin seeds! I loved sending the third grade style valentines, like a few years ago when with my fake fiancé, I got that Australian alligator wrestler’s valentines (the guy who died from a sting ray). I love how third graders take a shine to someone and imagine all sorts of things. In first grade, I loved this girl, Marsha Solomon, and drew a picture of us getting married, and wanted to reward her beauty and sweetness with a kitten from our litter!


  2. Is this because Valentine’s Day is for the bird? Couldn’t resist. 30 years of Valentines Day for my wife and I. Her birthday is the day before. We don’t make a big deal out of either, but I try to honor her every day.


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