A Tale of Two Bloggers

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Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry

Wendy and Colleen

There has been much said about bloggers meeting one another in real life. One area of thought says that most bloggers are not the same with their online community as they are with their “real” friends in the flesh. I have even read the thoughts of a fellow blogger who said that you could never be “real” friends with someone you meet online because bloggers never share their real personas. He felt that most people were fakes and didn’t really let you know them as they truly are.

That is really a sad state of affairs. I have always tried to just be me on my blog, and I believe everyone else I have come in contact with has presented the same to me. Some might say I am naive… others will say I am a realist. I like to think that we all should connect in…

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5 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Bloggers

  1. Beth, I had occasion to meet one of my blog pals last year. American Soustannie lives in Washington and was in Johannesburg late last year. We had a wonderful afternoon together and are staying in touch….


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