Goats Pop the Top

imageThe visiting preacher came home with us for Sunday dinner. He had a just gotten a new car and spent most of Sunday dinner talking about it. His wife had a bad heart and lay down for a nap after lunch. He whispered “She could go anytime.” This did nothing to lighten the mood. It was clear the new car was the only bright spot in his life. It would look nice at her funeral. They were from out of town so we were stuck with them until time for the evening service. The afternoon looked long and hopeless. The kids escaped outdoors as soon as possible. Our house was on the edge of the farm, sitting inside a larger fenced area where Daddy raised hay and grazed cattle, horses, goats.  The driveway was several hundred yards long and fenced separately, enclosing several pecan and fruit trees, and space for parking. As goats will do, the goats had slipped through the fence and gotten in the drive. Brother Smith had parked his nice new car under the mulberry tree in full bloom. Goats love new vegetation and as it turns out, new cars. We saw several hop agilely to the roof of his new car. Before we could get to it, several more joined their friends standing on their back legs to reach the tree branches. There was a big metallic “Pop!!” and the hood caved in, leaving the goats in a bowl. They leapt off. Mother heard the racket and ran out just in time to catch the whole disaster. Her eyes were huge as her hands flew to her mouth. We hadn’t had a new car for years and now we’d be buying this preacher one. Not only that, his wife would probably drop dead on the spot and he’d have to drive a goat-battered car to the funeral.

God smiled on us. As soon as the goats jumped off, the hood popped back in the shape. This time we enjoyed the sound and flew to inspect the roof. Surprisingly, there was apparent damage. Mother got the preacher’s keys and pulled the car to the safety of the yard. Mrs. Smith lived through the day, and as far as I know, Brother Smith had a fine new car to drive to her funeral a couple of weeks later. All’s well that ends well.

31 thoughts on “Goats Pop the Top

  1. dave lewis says:

    God works in mysterious ways. I found out firsthand myself today. There’s always hope but you have to keep an open mind and be patient and listen.

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      • dave lewis says:

        I met an old chap today at the Indian reservation that I had met once before years ago. He told me he had been given up for dead with cancer of the bowels and only had weeks to live but his wife and friends prayed by his bed side and anointed him with oil and he walked out of the hospital totally healed and praising God. He said that he was to tell the story today to someone and it was me. While we were talking another friend who is alcoholic showed up and said he had fallen off the wagon. I knew it was my time to tell him of the good news and we shook hands and I promised to pray for him. I drove home feeling warm all over with a glow on my face my wife hadn’t seen before. I have suffered years with a bad back and the doctors have given up on me but today taught me to renew my faith and expect a healing if it is Gods will. From here on in every day of life is a bonus. Thanks for letting me tell my story. Your blog may be part of the equation!!!

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  2. Years ago while visiting a friend, one of her goats got on the hood of my car (not even 6 months old!). It surprised me, but there was no damage.
    I even saw a goat up on a corner fence post once, all four hoves on top…


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