Homemade Soap


My new hobby of soap-making is getting out of hand, so I am offering them for purchase. They are superfatted with coconut, almond, and olive oil, as well as shea butter. I use them for face, body, and shampoo. The scents are natural and include triple orange with dried orange rind for exfoliant, cedar with coffee for exfoliant (removes garlic and onion smells from your hands, patchouli, fennel and rosemary, and the creamiest of all, goat milk vanilla. I am offering them for purchase and include samples with every order. Will gladly craft custom scents. I use natural scents from my garden as much as possible.
If you want to order, email me Lbeth1950@hotmail.com

44 thoughts on “Homemade Soap

  1. elizabeth ann johnson-murphree says:

    In viewing this post, I wonder if it might get more response if you list prices…I would repost, they sound wonderful but I find that without a price most move on. Thanks for sharing. E


  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    I will have to talk to my wife about this. She used to also do homemade soaps and I loved using them. I miss not having them around the house.

    Just an idea: The one I liked the best is where she had a loofah in it and, as you used the soap, the loofah becomes more exposed and scrubs/washes at the same time.

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  3. Yeah ! I can offer a testimonial…these soaps are amazing. I had some a few months back, and rationed them (tiny pieces) until the new shipment arrived this week. Best I’ve ever had. I got through the driest months of the year with no dry skin issues.☺☺☺

    Super moist, and amazingly fragrant. Another bonus…my hair has never been softer. Not sure I could ever go back to store-bought shampoo.

    I’ll be a return customer. 💖

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