Smorgasbord Open House – Paranormal Romantic Suspense author Lyn Horner

Great interview on Smorgasbord with author Lyn Horner.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Smorgasbord Open House

My guest today lives in the heart of Texas in Fort Worth, a place name that will be very familiar to anyone, including myself who was brought up in the era of the ‘Western’. Texas provides a historically rich setting for Lyn Horner’s award winning series Texas Devlins as well as short stories in bestselling anthologies.


Originally Lyn trained in the visual arts and worked as a fashion illustrator and art instructor. Now firmly ensconced in front of her computer she has turned that creativity to crafting passionate love stories across the centuries as well as cat wrangling.


Apart from the many awards, nominations and great reviews for the Texas Devlins series, Lyn has contributed to Rawhide ‘n Texas, a Western Romance Anthology which was a finalist in the 2015 Rone Awards. Other anthologies include the bestselling western Christmas Silver Bells and Stetsons.


Lyn will tell us more about…

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