Adventures with Lye

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It started with handmade soaps.

I received amazing samples from my friend, Linda.

Just out of curiosity, I looked for information about how they are made. I found a video that showed the process that turns the very basic ingredients into soap.

MakingSoap- Vintage Photo. (Not Linda)

It is called Saponification, a new word to me.

And there it was. The key ingredient…lye.

Oh, snap.

I have a scary history with lye.

Flashback to my first and only industrial accident.

It was my first week on a new job with IBM. I addressed it before in “The Madeline Intervention”.

Being that traditional morning person, I always arrived early.

On this particular day, I was also the first to use the ladies’ room.

This was the late 1970’s, and IBM was noted for the classic blue suit as standard attire. I had the equivalent in a suit dress, and wore it proudly with heels and…

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