76 thoughts on “Can You Like or Reblog?

  1. I came by to say thanks heaps for the follow! I’ll now have to go check that my buttons are there! I think they are. I haven’t had any problems with any body else’s. It seems WP gets all sorts of weird glitches happening from time to time. Given that they are one of the biggest blogging platforms and provide a lot for free, I guess it’s understandable that little annoyances crop up.

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  2. I did not notice anything different about our blog, Linda! I just noticed that there is at least, one blog I definitely follow but which is not showing up on the reader. That is weird. Also, it happens at times that blogs just get unfollowed by the system. WP issues!


  3. It’s taking forever for the “like” option to load, sometimes I just leave someone’s post because I can’t wait for it to load. It’s happening to me a lot, on random blog sites.


  4. I haven’t noticed a missing like or reblog button, but I have noticed that some of the links in my posts don’t work properly after the post is published. I always check them before I hit “Publish” and they’re fine.


  5. I’ve gotten this pointed out to me twice, but I’ve never run across it personally. I had a post last week that should have rated about 80 to 100 likes. Someone told me I didn’t have the buttons available. I checked my site, and they are set correctly and appear for me.


  6. On mine the like is a star and the reblog is one of those share buttons that looks like a branch or an arrow. Are you using a different device than usual? Mine varies depending on which computer kr phone I’m looking at


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