I Want A Bite

imageBilly was about two and a half years old, Daddy and Mother stopped by the A &W Rootbeer Drive-In for a treat after supper one night, way back when the brought those frosty mugs out to the car, no to-go orders. You had to finish your Rootbeer before leaving. We’d already had dinner, so we knew we were getting Rootbeer. A fellow who pulled up next to us ordered a hotdog. In the heat of the July evening, everyone had their car windows down. Billy was always ready to eat! Naturally, when he saw the guy’s hotdog, he wanted one, too. Mother reminded him he’d already eaten and he’d only be getting rootbeer. As the young man raised his hotdog to chomp down, Billy called out, “I wanna bite!”

imageSurprised, the fellow looked over to see a small boy on his mother’s lap, leaning out a car window, begging for a bit. Quickly, he tried to resume his meal. Again, “I wanna bite!” It’s really hard to shut a hotdog hungry little kid up, though Mother tried. I know we would have left if we hadn’t still had Rootbeer to finish and mugs for pickup. After trying a couple more times to eat despite Billy’s plaintive begging, he cranked his car and left.

21 thoughts on “I Want A Bite

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    When I visited my Grandparents, they had a A&W close to where they lived. It was the traditional layout, pull up in your car and put the window down and they roller skated out to you. Best root beer ever to this day!

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  2. Those were the days! We didn’t have the A & W in our small town but we did have drive-ins and there was no “to go.” My parents would even order coffee and sit there in the car and drink their coffee. Good memories with a funny story!


  3. First, I wanted to tell you that your LIKE button isn’t showing because it is “loading.” I don’t know why it takes some posts a lot longer to load those buttons than others. An A&W Rootbeer drive in was a huge part of my growing up too. Love their Rootbeer! There is one about 12 miles away in a town I go to on occasions and I often stop and get a Rootbeer in a mug.

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