Waiting and Learning

imageI am waiting at the Social Security Office. I’ve been married more than forty-five years and am just now getting around to changing my name on my card. I hope this marriage works out. I’d hate to have to come back. The good thing about waiting is people-watching and listening.
The couple next to me got on a discussion over whether she’d be putting fat-back or bacon in the collards. She asserted,”I ain’t puttin’ no fat-back in my greens!” The guy was making up quite a fuss, but I think it will be bacon grease.
From another par, I found out Abby slipped off to school in leggings knowing better and Granny had to take her a pair of jeans, because Mama didn’t have the truck today.
Another couple discussed how sorry Jody was. She pulled a big hunk of Bobby’s hair out when he caught her with his cigarettes.
There are several left ahead of me. This is fascinating. I hope they don’t call me before I find out who the Baby-Daddy is.