I Am Whipped

Saturday my two sisters and I went over to help Mother a little. She’d gotten a bit behind on her gardening and was starting to stew about it. She had a mess. There were about fifteen plants that were going to die if we didn’t get them in the ground immediately We worked frantically weeding, cultivating, fertilizing, and planting for several hours. By the time we were through, it looked good. I thought we were all done, but As I loaded my stuff in my truck, I stumbled over half a dozen more she had stashed in a front bed. I wanted to cry, but was too tired to dig and plant any more.
I went back over today to finish the planting and cut some small trees that had sprung up in her hedges. It was such a relief to get to a quitting place and have a glass of tea.
As I went to load my truck to go home. I found several flats of annuals sitting in the shade. I KNOW those weren’t there Saturday! She has no shame!

41 thoughts on “I Am Whipped

    • That’s what Mother says, too. We compost all year and she covets my dirt. You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve hauled to her yard. She refuses to buy dirt. She also refuses to buy fertilizer. I always fertilize her beds and yard. She knows I can’t stand to see her stuff starved.

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  1. I bet your mum loved having you all around. The photo of you all is lovely and it seems that you are all really close, Your mum got her gardening done and got to see her wonderful daughters, sounds like she had a brilliant day! ๐Ÿ™‚


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