Lissy’s Heartbreak

Lissy, a tiny black-haired girl came to Vacation Bible School with her cousin Judy the summer I was ten.  I immediately warmed to her, though she was so shy she’d only talk to her cousin.  She and her mother had come to spend the summer with her Uncle Joe and his family.  I didn’t see Lissy again until August when Mother spent a few days in the hospital delivering my youngest sister. 

Lissy was Mother’s roommate.  I was almost totally ignorant of anything to do with sex, having only accrued a bit of misinformation at that point, but I did catch on that there was a big secret about Lissy.  I overheard Lissy’s mother talking to the doctor, “She wouldn’t start, and she wouldn’t start, but when she finally did, she wouldn’t stop.”

Lissy was crying and wouldn’t answer the doctor’s questions.  I never saw her again.

Mother sent me out before I heard any more.  I felt bad for Lissy, but was intrigued.  Knowing I’d learn nothing more, I sequestered that information in my mind, hoping I’d understand later.  Long after I was grown, I remembered to ask Mother about it.  She remembered well.  Little Lissy had suffered a miscarriage and was admitted with massive blood loss.  She was only eleven.


65 thoughts on “Lissy’s Heartbreak

  1. I can’t imagine this. I was molested at 12 but I didn’t even know I had lost my virginity until later. I think I would have lost my mind if I’d found out I was pregnant. My little sister had a pregnancy scare and my dad “aborted” it by beating her with a belt. To this day she swears it was his even though he told my mum about hearing she’d been with older guys.


  2. Scout says:

    Terribly sad. Don’t know if you remember Jaycee Duggard-kidnapped at 11 and held captive in a married man’s back yard for 18 years (she has a memoir out A Stolen Life). She had his baby at 11 (and two more after that.) So yes, 11 yr olds can have babies. Horrible thought… 😦

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  3. It happens more than anyone knows. It’s just accepted by so many as culturally normal. I think men who do that to children should go to trial. If it can be proven, they should no longer exist here on this planet.

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  4. That’s terrible. When I taught school, a girl in the 6th grade got pregnant. At first, no one knew who the man was. Her teacher was scared to death someone might suspect him although he was one of the nicest and most dedicated teachers I’ve known and was married to another teacher. It turned out to be a neighbor , The mother was a widow and they were poor. The neighbor man was considered nice to help, but the other children in the family talked and the truth came out. The grandmother kept the child and raised it along with her other children. It’s always so sad. —– Suzanne

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