Update on Yesterday’s Trashy Post





'I can too show gratitude. I'm just saving it for the right moment.'

‘I can too show gratitude. I’m just saving it for the right moment.’

Just thought I’d do a little test. I am putting the biggest searches to see how many hits I get on this post. Sorry, there won’t be any tantilyzing or provocative pictures, just deadly boring text. I will also list some tags I have used and gotten big draws. Please excuse this cheap trick. I will definitely not be posting this on Facebook.

Update on this trashy post. I posted this yesterday to see how many hits I’d get with these awful tags……….only 55. I got more when I posted about my Sunday School teacher, Miss Tilly. Go figure.

So here’s the link to Miss Tilly

29 thoughts on “Update on Yesterday’s Trashy Post

  1. As I always suspected. Might as well just write what I want to and title it as normal.

    Of course I’m not really in it to expand. It would become a burden rather than a pleasant pastime if it got big. I just like to write.

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  2. I just noticed something as I was continuing down my reader. The “trashy” post wasn’t showing any tags and it’s a post’s tags that get it listed in the different searches of WP reader. You know that, right?
    So in other words if your trashy post didn’t have the tags of the words in the title then it wouldn’t have shown up in the search feed under those topics.
    Also, if you have more than 13 in total, of categories and tags on your post it won’t show up in the search feed.
    Apologies if I’m stating the obvious. 🙂

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  3. Wow, I must be very naive! lol I had no idea what you were talking about as far as the “hits” and “trashy” posts! So I had to backtrack to see your other post. Once I say yesterday’s post it “clicked.” You’re too funny, what a riot.

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  4. I have not done one, but I’ve noticed that if I respond to a “trashy” or I should say body related titles, I somehow get on a list that says I like that stuff and get inundated with porn or propositions and because I have a “guy’s” name, it’s generally from women. So, I didn’t even look.

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  5. Josh Wrenn says:

    I have no idea how to properly use tags. Some days, it seems like they work, I use the same ones another day…nothing.
    Thanks for the cartoons. The one about the sleep had me literally laughing out loud, which was needed.

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  6. Since I saw the pics on the reader they caught my attention before I even read the title. So honestly, I read the title after I read on your post about you testing how many views you get. But I thought it was funny what you did!

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