Ten Things We Do For Our Kids by Cordelia’s Mom

Reposted in honor of Mother’s Day.  Thanks Cordelia’s Mom.  Please Check out her wonderful blog

The Things We Do For Our Kids! Guest Post By Cordelia’s Mom

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

When you have a short break in today’s activities, check out my guest post over on Nutsrok:


Cordelia CardI am so proud to that Cordelia’s Mom did this Guest Post for Mother’s Day.  Please check out her lovely blog.  You will love it as well.

It was the mid-1950’s.  I was in first grade.

Mother’s Day was approaching, and my teacher decided to have us all make noodle necklaces for our moms.  She brought in a variety of dry noodles, along with string and water paints – and wrapping paper.  I was so proud of my creation!  Mom was going to love  it!

On Mother’s Day, I watched my mother open her precious gift. She oohed and aahed, and put the necklace around her neck.  I was so happy to see her wear it that day – I thought it was the most beautiful jewelry she ever had.

My mother didn’t work (back then, few did). Her only recreation was going bowling once a week in a league…

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8 thoughts on “Ten Things We Do For Our Kids by Cordelia’s Mom

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  2. Linda! I wondered why I was suddenly getting likes and views on a post from last year – you are so sweet to re-post it again this year. After what I went through last week, your kindness made me cry (again). Thank you so very much.


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