Chicken Gizzard and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich

When I was but a child-bride, I yearned to please my handsome husband, so I dreamed of concocting hearty breakfasts, luscious lunches, and delightful dinners. This wasn’t to be. We had wisely married while still in college so were in possession of two things money couldn’t buy, abject poverty and true love. We were just scraping by. After about two weeks, about all we had left in the refrigerator was a half-loaf of bread, mustard, a couple of lonely, frozen chicken gizzards, and an old, dry sliver of cheddar cheese. I fried those chicken gizzards up nice and hard, sliced them as thin as possible, added the slivered cheddar cheese and sat down with My Darling to enjoy the amazing delicacy. It was the worst thing I ever tried to eat. The piquant taste of overdone gizzard slathered with mustard was not a good companion taste for the dried out cheddar cheese. I was never tempted to try that combo again.

20 thoughts on “Chicken Gizzard and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich

  1. Mandy says:

    Lol-ugh!! I remember those days for sure. A bag of flour with water equal gravy. LOTS of gravy. Usually on slices of white bread, but sometimes potatoes! At least your husband kept you, haha. Not that it was YOUR fault. 😀

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  2. I can relate well to this. Brought up by parents at the end of rationing, I was familiar with all the cheapest cuts of meat. When I moved in with my husband-to-be, I was a very impoverished artist but determined to live within my means. He got my best attempts with liver, kidneys, stuffed sheep’s heart and lamb’s neck stew, chicken giblets would be chopped to make what we called ‘force meat balls’ – nary a gizzard was wasted.


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