The Honorable Bacon Boy and Puppy Love


American Eskimo dogs stole our hearts many years ago when George showed up at our house and adopted us. No matter that we already had a Dalmatian and weren’t in the market for another dog. Unfortunately, George left us far too soon. It wasn’t long before another puppy baby puddled up our floors. I gave Bubba a fuzzy white plush toy to comfort him leaving his mom and siblings. He dragged it till it was nothing but dirty body parts. Just before it bit the dust, the UPS man showed up at the door with this plush toy we ordered from Beggin’ Strips. Bubba, like all dogs, believed that UPS man showed up only to steal our stuff, so was frenzied as always. He was overjoyed when we opened the box and he pulled Bacon Boy from the box. It was just as he’d expected, the UPS guy almost got away with the good stuff.

Sissy, a female Eskie joined us when Bubba as about six. Though she had her own fuzzy white crib toy! she coveted Bubba’s treasure, but was rarely fortunate enough to snag it for more than a minute. I think her finest moments were when Bubba was outdoors, asleep or best of all, had to journey to the vet leaving her to savor an unmolested moment with Bacon Boy. Had Bubba only suspected the raw emotions she shared with Bacon Boy, there would have been Hell to pay.

Sadly, after Bubba went to his reward, Sissy grieved, but comforted herself with her darling Bacon Boy. Sometimes she got so cozy with him, we had to hide him when we had guests. Before too long, we got Buzzy to be her companion. Like the others, he got his own baby, but quickly realized what a prize Sissy had in Bacon Boy, and occasionally got to play with him. Those moments were few and far between.
The saga continues today with Buzzy’s devotion as Sissy’s sad demise. He can’t sleep without Bacon Boy. As often as he is able, he slips Bacon Boy out to the yard, but we hustle him in as soon as possible after a game of keep away. Bacon Boy is showing his age. He’s lost the bacon strip he was holding on his arrival. I fear his is deaf because of his missing ears, mute and without a sense of smell since his nose and mouth are worn off and blind since his eyes are white with cataracts. I’m sure he has gastric distress as a result of numerous surgeries to replace his tattered innards. His fur is dirty and battered beyond what any washing can handle. I wish human elders were cherished the way Buzzy’s Bacon Boy is. Dogs can teach us something about unconditional love.


20 thoughts on “The Honorable Bacon Boy and Puppy Love

  1. I had a Rottweiler that refused every toy I ever offered her until I discovered she was in love with a knotted-up pair of my old jeans that my wife gave her one day. The way she went at those jeans almost convinced me to start wearing suit-pants!


  2. My dog has more stuffed toys than our kids had 🙂 She takes turns – but the first long legged floppy green frog is still a favourite, minus an arm and a leg, but the belly button thingy still squeaks. She’s a terrier so she has to shake and kill everything first, then throw them up in the air herself if we’re not playing 🙂


  3. Darling story. My parents had a dachshund who loved his green rubber ball. When he wanted something else, he’d leave it in the place of the thing, then come back for it later. 😀 — Suzanne


  4. What an adorable much loved toy! I wish elders were loved that much too. My little dog has a stuffed animal (raccoon) that she has had since a puppy and it is nothing but a rag now (she is 14) and she won’t let me get rid of it nor will she let me replace it with another toy.


  5. Such a great story of your dogs and their Bacon Boy and toys. Ours always loved a stuffed animal to drag around, too. My daughter’s dog has one they call Bob. Bob has been replaced many times, and a wild squirrel even tried to steal him not long ago. Bob is special I guess. 🙂


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