Watson, the Great Hunter



My granddog, Watson, managed a successful hunt, despite overwhelming odds.  He found this plush toy beside a trashcan.  After valiant pursuit, he was able to wrestle it into submission and drag its sorry carcass home.  At last report, he was still standing guard over it.

Watson and football

In the shot above, Watson has slain an unfortunate football that landed in his yard from the schoolyard across the street.  As you can clearly see, he has placed it in his food bowl in preparation for dinner.  He is not a catch and release kind of dog.  I am concerned that he will never be able to pass this ball even if he is successful in eating it.Watson in BathtubIn the shot above, you see Watson snoozing in the bathtub.  He sleeps with his snout at the drain where his snores can be amplified throughout the house.  He is like a two-year-old child.  He thinks he should get a bath anytime anyone else does.  Should they forget to lock the door, he pushes his way in to get in the tub with them.  If he gets in before they dry off, he wants to lick water droplets off.  He is not a good shower friend.



50 thoughts on “Watson, the Great Hunter

  1. That’s funny. One of my parent’s dogs ate an old moccasin my dad brought back from a trip to Canada years before. My mother was afraid to give the dog water and perhaps cause the leather to swell inside the dog. Everything seemed to work its way out, though.

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  2. Akita’s must be good hunters in general. Our granddog, Romeo, also, a male Akita hunted down soup bones, left on the back of the stove to cool, for himself to feast on. This, in spite of fact that he was old and arthritic.

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