Shot in the Foot, Again

imageMother's 88 bdayHave you ever seen a happier face?MotherIt was a perfect storm.  I’d made up my mind not to take Mother to the garden center any more this summer, not that I have anything against garden centers.  Mother is addicted to flowers, just like I am.  She just isn’t strong enough to dig holes.  In contrast, I’d never be able to convince anyone I couldn’t dig a hole.  If I tried, they’d hand me a shovel and point me toward China.  Anyway, I’m tired of digging holes.  If all the holes I’ve dug this summer, in my yard and hers, were lined up end to end, they’d reach…..well, you know.

Anyway, one of my meddling sisters called one day last week and invited Mother and me to lunch.  It sounded innocent enough.  At the worst, I would only get stuck with her lunch ticket.  Mother doesn’t believe in paying her own ticket when she dines with her children.  I can’t say I blame her, after all the biscuits and gravy she’s cooked over the years.  Connie’s husband generously treated us all to lunch. I had a wonderful time till somebody shot me in the foot.

“__________ has their plants marked down.  Anybody want to stop by?”

Mother was the first in line.  I was loading my buggy up when I heard Connie ask Mother.

“Is that all you’re getting?  Get whatever you want and I’ll pay for it!”

“Nooooooo!  ………..only if they sell the holes to go with them!”

Mother was deaf to my protests and loaded her cart.  Connie went home proud of herself for being good to her mama.  The checkout lady even gave her a lantana someone had left at the counter because she looked so cute standing behind that cart full of plants.

I took my posthole digger over a couple of days later and spent some time digging holes.  If anyone else buys her any plants this summer, I will have to commit mayhem.

,Garden hint:  Posthole diggers are great for digging holes for your plants!

54 thoughts on “Shot in the Foot, Again

  1. Okay, so you have a sister named Connie, too? Me too! And your sister sounds just like my sister, buying your mom what she wanted but not hanging around to help with all the hole digging. Loved this post!


  2. I love digging the garden for about 30 minutes. And then I’m over it. Inevitably the garden needs holes for longer than I’m interested in digging in the garden. I feel your pain.


  3. Elaine says:

    You know goid and darn well that Connie does not go to the big city without shopping at Lowes or Home Depot and in a pinch, Jayroes. I’d say it’s all your fault. 😂

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  4. Your Mom always looks really sweet in photographs. Were it not for your blog, I’d find it hard to believe she’s such a terror. Incidentally, are you sure the store didn’t sell the holes you needed for those plants? They’re easy to miss if they have them hanging on a peg.

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  6. Topic is right on time. I almost succumbed to buying some agapanthus, at Wally World garden center, for 4.47 each, a few minutes ago. When the soil is dry–like it is right now, post hole diggers are the only way to go. I put my PHD to work–old hardware store joke.


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