24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear

Reblogged, I love this.

Warning:Curves Ahead

This morning, as I was perusing my Facebook timeline, I happened upon an article that a lovely friend shared. It was entitled “24 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After Age 30”, and it triggered Maximum Eye-Rolling from everyone who took the time out to read it.

Written by Kallie Provencher for RantChic.com, this “article” (I use the term loosely) highlighted things such as “leopard print”, “graphic tees”, and “short dresses” (because “By this age, women should know it’s always better to leave something to the imagination”). Kallie, it seems, has a number of opinions on what women over 30 should and shouldn’t be doing, having also penned “30 Things Women Over 30 Shouldn’t Own” and “20 Pictures Women Over 30 Need To Stop Posting Online”. (What is this magical post-30 land where women are suddenly not allowed to do or own so many things?!)

Motivated by Kallie’s “article”, I decided to…

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18 thoughts on “24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear

  1. Fuck is a great word and a strong word and an angry word. It is perfectly fine to be angry at being told cradle to grave, what we should look like, how we should dress, what we should aspire to and what words we should use. We are capable, functional, thinking women and being treated that way makes me angry, hence the word fuck is totally suitable. When I turn on the TV or go out in public I observe men behaving badly, dressing poorly, speaking crudely and acting like jerks. We should all be afforded the same freedom and the freedom to change what we don’t enjoy or feel serves us any longer. Thank you.

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  2. buffalotompeabody says:

    This article really took me by surprise! as I went down the photos I caught myself smiling and talking to myself because of how great everyone looks! Personality Galore!


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