Hot! Hot! Hot!

Every year I forget how hot the summer gets. I had a toasty reminder one day last week. The temperature was in the high nineties with a heat index of 105-110 degrees. I did what I needed to do outdoors and got back in the house before eleven a.m. I had a hair appointment at four p.m. My son had my vehicle and Bud had gone somewhere in his, so when I got ready to go, I realized I had to drive his old 1996 Jeep Wrangler. He loves that old truck. He’d wanted one since he was a kid, so he can’t bear to part with it. He usually drives it once a week or so, just to keep it from feeling depressed. When I was ready to go, there it sat, in all its un-air-conditioned glory, just waiting to bake me all the way to the hairdresser.

imageI climbed up on its sizzling plastic seat, no simple thing since it has no running boards, and settled myself in. It moaned and groaned, making end of life noises as I struggled to herd it out of the driveway. It has a stick-shift and no power steering. The windows were down so I could cool myself with the sultry air. Remember, the heat index? Long before I drove the two miles to the hair shop I looked like Sasquatch. Driving that Jeep felt like a combination of a tractor and a log wagon. I’ve driven both and really can’t say which I prefer. I told Susie to just cut my hair and forget styling it, knowing I had to go home in the hot Jeep. Just as I climbed back in, I remembered an errand I had to run. I thought I’d die. I took care of my business and thought I was just about to survive the heat when I saw flashing lights at the railroad crossing. I was caught.

As I sweltered, dying for a cool drink, my sister called on my cell phone. “Hey! What are you doing? I’m just sitting here in the air conditioning with a glass of iced tea. I had to step out and check the mail and thought I’d burn up!”

Oh! That was bad timing!


52 thoughts on “Hot! Hot! Hot!

  1. Oh dear…I can definitely relate to the ole Sasquatch look and I could FEEL that “sultry air”!!! Been there. Done that. Will NOT go any place these days without AC…will not, will not, will not. I’ll cut my own hair before I’d fry my buns on a Jeep’s plastic seat! Too funny!!! 😉


  2. We took Danny’s ’96 Landrover Defeender on a day trip yesterday. When I found out we were taking it rather than the 2015 Subuaru, I sighed. Danny said, “What is it now?” I told him the rover was hot (it has A/C but it often causes issues to use it). He got all pissy and offered to take the Subaru but my passive/aggressive self told him that we would take the rover, after all it was Father’s Day. He recognized my passive-aggressiveness but we did take the rover and ended up pulling over and rolling up the wide and back window covers. It helped but it really isn’t that bad. Thank God we weren’t in Texas. My point is, I feel your pain!

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  3. I feel ya! It’s sizzling where I’m from, and any ‘outside errand’ that doesn’t get done by 10:00am immediately goes onto tomorrow morning’s ‘To do’ list! LOL

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    • The Phoenix heat is killer. My DIL is from Prescott Valley. The first hot afternoon she was here she couldn’t wait to open the windows and cool off. She was so surprised to find it doesn’t cool off when the sun goes down. In our high humidity, the shade doesn’t help a lot like it does there.


  4. First vehicle I ever drove was a CJ7 Jeep. I could not come close to reaching the pedals – I could only shift gears when my trusty brother said.

    First vehicle ever mine? A Jeep – of course!

    Lasted for about 6 years after it was “mine” til Howard Avenue in New Orleans and a crossing Olds that ripped the wench of the front end, but left this wench harmless!

    Thank God for Daddys and jeeps!

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  5. I understand your pain. This summer it got up to about 111 degrees at times here. I didn’t have to go out but it was hot enough inside without air conditioning. Our summer is near the beginning of the year. until the monsoon arrives in June. 😦 — Suzanne

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      • The monsoon will last about from June to September. Because of all the rain, it cools off. It’s still warm but not hot. Our cold weather (around 50 degrees, a bit like a California winter) starts around November until February or middle of March. Then the hot weather starts. There are only three changes as there’s no Fall. 🙂 — Suzanne

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          • Monsoon season is warm but damp.There are some disadvantages. I don’t have a dryer so it takes longer, sometimes a couple of days, for laundry to dry. The doors swell and stick. You can’t put a glossy-finished photo behind glass in a frame as it will stick to the glass. Envelopes here don’t come with glue on. Some of the ones I brought from the U.S. stuck shut. We use glue sticks here. There are more mosquito-borne diseases occurring during monsoon. There’s trouble with dish TV when it rains heavily. There’s more trouble due to electric outages. We’re all hoping for a good monsoon as we’ve had two poor ones in the last couple years. The reservoirs where this area gets its water.are drying up. —- Suzanne

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