Blacking Mama’s Eyes

imageBud has his own disaster injuring his mama, but it was after we married. Bud and his sister had nice upholstered rocking chairs when they were small. When both had toddlers, Miss Mary brought the rockers out of the barn to refurbish for the little ones. She did a beautiful job, but one arm ended up glued a bit crooked and she wanted Bud to help her get it apart to straighten. She had already painted it and didn’t want to mess up her paint job.

“Okay, Mom, but I’m going to have to pull really hard,” he warned. He gave it a mighty tug, just as she leaned in to see if he was making any progress. The arm came off,and the chair broke loose, hitting her right between the eyes. She and the chair rolled a couple of feet. She came up with blood pouring from her nose and swollen eyes. The flying chair had broken the eyepiece on her glasses. In a couple of hours, she looked like she’d been in a barroom brawl. She laughed till she wet her pants, and Bud felt just awful about beating his mama up.