Meanwhile, In America

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Meanwhile in America…..while the media would want you to believe there are acts of violence being perpetrated on every street corner….there isn’t.

There are terrible things happening world wide.  I’m not in denial about that.

But the world, I hope, would like to see that the human nature is strong and well and alive.  Every where.

Here, in America, while the world is being bombarded with the horrific actions of a few that have injured and altered the lives of many, there is a continuity of decency and goodness.

Tonight, right here, right now I can tell you what I know.

Some people are gathering with family for dinner.  Extended family coming in to join them.   Some people are gathering for church programs.  Some parents and friends are cheering on little kids playing in ball games every where.  Some people are driving up and down the main streets of their little…

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