Work for Brotherhood

I’ve been searching for words the past few days, my mind has been so disturbed by the recent societal violence between the police force and African-American men. The only answer is to respect each other. The killing must stop. Each of us must reach out to someone. Hopefully, the message will get across that we all need the same thing. At lunch today, two black men sat at the next table. We didn’t talk or interact in any way. When I paid my ticket, I paid their ticket as well. I left a note on their table asking them to work for brotherhood and healing. It’s one little step. Let there be brotherhood and healing.

43 thoughts on “Work for Brotherhood

  1. I love random acts of kindness. you never know what one kind act can trigger. I never let people know that I was the one. Sometimes it’s obvious, like I’m in the line for coffee and pay for the two people behind me. Or getting gas and also pay for the person on the opposite side of the pump. One kind thing a day is a start!!

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  2. I couldn’t agree more with you and what a great gesture. I so hope each and everyone will do their little bit to make this world a better place. It really doesn’t need much. We just have to do it…

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  3. Yes…yes indeed it needs to stop. We need some serious education and understanding with everyone. Our law enforcement agencies need training and support and we all need to start talking more to each other…this senseless killing needs to stop. It’s breaking my heart…..

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