Young Boy Recuperating from Surgery Eaten by Beagle (Kind of) Wouldn’t this make a great headline?

Many years ago, my young son picked his toenails till he got them infected. He also had an adoring beagle who made his every step, especially when John was snacking and likely to drop crumbs. I don’t think John ever had to pick anything up. In most cases, that’s good, but not necessarily since Spotty spent a good bit of her time dancing on his sore toes. Eventually, John required toenail removal. Surgery went fine, and in the way of small boys, John proudly saved the excised tissue to show his dad, once he got in. Spotty never left his side. John convalesced on the sofa with his poor foot on a pillow all afternoon, admiring his sore toe, his toe remnant, and calling out for games and snacks. As you might expect, long before his dad got home, he dropped his trophy. Ever faithful, Spotty snapped it up before it hit the floor. Both recovered, though John was heartbroken. To the best of my knowledge, that’s the last body part Spotty ever snacked on.toe 2<img

19 thoughts on “Young Boy Recuperating from Surgery Eaten by Beagle (Kind of) Wouldn’t this make a great headline?

  1. Great story! As a doctor when I was training in surgery and doing on calls some people were very curious and wanted to see everything (and yes, keep things) and others quite the opposite. I don’t think nowadays it would happen as everything is kept and tested (almost) but…

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  2. That is a sweet (and sad) story. I lost both of my big toenails a few years ago but had no intention of keeping them. On the other side of your story, we had a little dog named (Joie) who had incredible hearing. I would know I was in the kitchen making something even though he was in our room in his crate sleeping (the door was never shut because he was a rescue and that was his “safe place”. Joie would be right there to get whatever fell. He knew sounds like cheese wrappers, tuna cans (probably the smell more), chip bags, etc. I love the relationship between John and Spotty.


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