I have recently been followed by a lot of fashion blogs. I am delighted, but know nothing about fashion. If you have a fashion blog and recently found me, would you mind telling me how? I wear comfortable clothes, mostly denim. The older the better. All my shirts match all my pants. I usually buy one or two dresses a year, and discard one or two that are barely worn. I definitely go for comfort shoes and hats.

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  1. I confess to buying mens t-shirts and joggers (and recently mens trainers). Mainly because they are more comfortable and generous in the length, plus they are a third of the price for a woman’s!.


  2. I thought I was good in having my own style and felt comfortable both casual and business….. and then I asked my sister to advise me. She is style and image coach…. don’t ask. I did not everything wrong. But in some way, most of my clothes have something that is not going well with shape, color, cut, length….. lol!

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