Slight Error!

imageMy nephew, Josh, came shrieking in the house looking for his mom and dad.  “Help! Help!  There’s a giant black weirdo in the front yard!”

Fearing he’d been accosted by a pervert or a child molester, they ran out ready to defend their little guy.  There was nobody there.

“Son, there’s nobody here!” his dad reassured him.  “Exactly what did you see?”

Excitedly, Josh pointed out a hole in the yard.  “A huge spider!  A black weirdo!  He ran down in here!”



25 thoughts on “Slight Error!

  1. If I had seen the thing before him, your nephew could have reported a “black weirdo, and a dead white guy” because I would have keeled over from heart failure. Spiders have terrified me ever since I was small, and yet I can’t remember ever having any kind of problem with one. (Maybe I’m the weirdo?).

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  2. Reminds me of taking my nephew to a Neil Diamond concert. I think he was about 7 or 8. My sister and her friend plus one of my friends all went and Jay really wanted to come so I bought him a ticket. We were all standing and he was beside me. When one of my favorite songs started he tugged at my clothes and I leaned down to hear him. He said, “I have a friend named Gregory”. I said that’s nice, figuring he was getting bored and turned my attention back to the song. All of a sudden I realized he was singing at the top of his lungs, “Gregory Blue Jeans”! That song will “Forever” be “Gregory Blue Jeans” for me. But at least it wasn’t as scary as a black weirdo.

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