Maggotty Mayhem

See my sister’s camper. It comes with all the niceties, great queen-size bed, comfortable furnishings, plush carpeting, lots of storage, and great appliances. After her last trip out, she unpacked her clothes, and after ensuring the camper was hooked to power, left her freezer stocked for the next trip. She’d need all those things next time for sure.

imageAs she packed for this trip and opened the freezer to put in some more goodies, she discovered the tragic aftermath of a power outage leaving her with the putrid remains of her previously frozen food mounded up with writhing maggots. The frisky, fat maggots seized the opportunity to leap for freedom all down the front of her shirt, leaving her awash in foul juices and previous generations of incarcerated maggots.  When her son called in the middle of the fiasco, he was appalled to learn such valuable fishing bait had been sucked into the bowels of the shop vac.

I was all sympathy.

13 thoughts on “Maggotty Mayhem

  1. My son would have reacted the same way! After all he’s hid chicken livers under his bed in his tackle box a time or two only to have his mother trying to figure out where the horrid smell was coming from. LOL

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  2. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I hate the darn things. How did your sister not have a breakdown? Ick. Ugh. Eke. ❤ ❤
    What did your sister use to get rid of the smell?
    I went away one weekend many years ago and the tablecloth I covered my freezer with got caught in the lid. Everything thawed and what a bloody mess. Called around and was told truckers who clean out transport freezers use coffee to get rid of the smell. I can't recall if I was successful or how. I did not get rid of the freezer but continued using it for many years afterward.

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