Stay Humble(our time is short)

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Just Angela

(I apologize if this is long winded but I felt a strong need to write this)
I am a Home Health and Hospice nurse. I have worked in the hospital for years and have seen plenty of sadness but something feels different and slightly difficult to put into words, but I’m going to give it my best shot…
I was more humbled than I have ever been in my nursing career. I was out to see patients on a breezy summer day. Nothing out of the norm. I have been doing this for awhile and find great fulfillment in my work especially in regards to the hospice side of my job.  I drove to a home that was a quaint little farm house.  I rushed out there as not to be late, pulled in the gravel drive and casually noted the average looking house with a single tractor in the big red barn that most…

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Chapter 1- Monsters are for the Birds

Just Angela

School years suck but it’s just one of those times when you just have to pull up your big girls pants and do it. I was never what you would call, fond of it. The old, green chalkboards and wooden cubbies. The musty library and old nursing office. The “Presidential Physical Education Certificates” and the silly cake walks at the barely funded school carnivals. I mean, let’s be honest, who really cared about the odd looking chocolate cake that Billy’s mom insisted that she slaved over to “make from scratch” when well all knew it was the generic ole’ Betty Crocker box mix from aisle four at the local grocery store. I tended to slide by doing the bare minimum of what it took to get me to the next grade level. So far I was three for three. Yeah for me! I found the math homework annoying, the social…

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