Mother and Roomba


I got one of those miraculous little robot vacuum sweepers that scurries around getting dust bunnies, dog hair, and cleaning spots I routinely neglect.  I love it.  All you have to is empty the little dust bin and unwind the dog hair off the rotary brush after each use.  It can even be set to run during the night.  The little genius even docks itself to recharge.  It has a little laser light device to fence it into a room.  I run it in the front rooms during the night and do the hall and bedrooms during the day.  One day I fooled around and left it barred in my bedroom under the bed so it couldn’t redock.  It kicked off at midnight and scared the crap out of me.  That was exciting!

Mother is hostile to technology.  She does her floors with a straw broom and stringmop the God way intended. She is even suspicious of a sponge mop.  The robot vacuum is totally baffling to her.  She can’t fathom how it knows how clean to the entire area. I couldn’t make her understand repetitive random movements.  It was no help at all when Bud told her it made a computerized map, then dropped it in my lap to explain his lie.  I will have to knock his little bitty brains out.



35 thoughts on “Mother and Roomba

  1. You started my snowy Sunday morning with a laugh; and I appreciate it. My grandmother scrubbed around the baseboards in her house with a toothbrush. I never could see the sense in it, but it seemed to make her happy.


  2. LOL I’m too old for down on the knees, but I did do that at one time. I always hated sponge mops, they leave more than they pick up and they don’t last long enough. I still love an old fashioned rag mop, although my daughter had an electronic mop I liked rather well. She also has the Roomba, but it wanted to eat her cowhide “rug”. plus her grandson, had to chase it everywhere and was always diverting it which I did as well. I was house sitting and got to use these fancy gizmo’s. It was like “no, you missed a spot!”, “are you going to get it?”, “no, not that way, go back, go back, you’re way off course now, fool!” Yeah, I had a hard time with it. Then the charge went out and it got stuck behind the couch and went, Errrrrrr,bzzzzz.bzzzz errrrr clunk clink clunk, errrrrr, zzzzzz. I thought, “yeah, I want one of those!”


  3. Ha ha…I was skeptical about those sponge mops…it seems the ethic in my family was to get down on hands and knees, where you could see it up close and personal. I have thought often about the robotic vacuum…keep us posted. 💗


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