Quilt heaven



My sister bought a trunk with these incredible quilt tops several years ago at an estate sale.  A gentleman was dissolving his mother’s estate and these were included.  I do hope the little lady who did such exquisite work knows these have found a happy home where they will be treasured and start new lives.She doesn’t quilt, so passed them on to me, with the caveat that I quilt one for her daughter and one for her son.  I am delighted to do so.  My niece chose the fan pattern.  Her son hasn’t chosen yet, but must choose soon since his wedding is in March.  I made the one at the bottom for my son and his wife.  There were thirty squares, all pieced on five pound sugar bags, so I added borders to make it king-sized.  You may notice, there are pictures of squares included from a friendship quilt, with names…

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Afternoon Funny


Valentines Day in the Animal Kingdom Valentines Day in the Animal Kingdom

funny 2funny 3funny 4funny 5funny 6funny 7funny 9funny 9funny8funny 11Q: What do you get from sitting on the ice too long?
A: Polaroids!

Q: What’s an ig?
A: A snow house without a loo!

Q: Why does it take longer to build a blonde snowman than a regular one?
A: You have to hollow out the head.

Q: Why did Frosty the snowman want a divorce?
A: Because he thought his wife was a flake

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Just Folks Getting By Part 3

“Jenny, leave them dishes for me and I’ll sit with you while you rock the baby.  This little feller is so sweet.  I know you cain’t remember Jimmy, but Lucy’s eyelashes are just like his, so long and curly.  Seemed like they was wasted on a boy.  This one is shore to break some hearts with them purty eyes and pink cheeks.”  Lucille admired the baby in Jenny’s arms.

“Mama, seems like I do remember you pulling me and Jimmy in a little brown wagon down that long driveway to the row of mailboxes.  Somebody sent me you a letter with a lollipop for me and Jimmy in it.  Do you remember that?  How old was I?” 

“Lordy, child.  That was from your Aunt Lucy.  She was so good to us.  I never thought you’d remember that.  You couldn’t have been much more than two, ‘cause she died a good while before you turned three.  That was a good day.  You young’ns didn’t never git much candy.  You was both so tickled.   I never got to see Aunt Lu but a time or two after me and your daddy married.  We moved up to his uncle’s farm in the Panhandle soon after we married.  We didn’t have no car so we didn’t go nowhere we couldn’t go in a wagon, walk, or catch a ride. 

Do you remember the time your Aunt Betty come to stay awhile?  Well, she was Holiness. You know that church where the women don’t wear no makeup and don’t cut their hair.  They was a tent revival and nothin’ would do but we all had to go.  I didn’t care nothin’ about it since I was Methodist, but your Daddy had been raised up Holiness, so when Betty asked him to take her we all had to go along. I always made you sit still in church so you just loved it when they got to shoutin’ an’ raisin’ their hands.  Then Betty got the spirit and was a’speakin’ in tongues.  I believe you thought it was a game cause you got to jabberin’ just like her.  I didn’ have a whole lot of idea what to do so I just kept quiet while you was a’worshiping with her.  You played “church” for days.  I think Betty was real proud of you.”  She smiled at the memory.

“I remember that.  I loved Aunt Betty.”  Jenny broke in.  “I wish I could see her now.”

“Yeah, your Aunt Betty always took a lot of time with you.”



Happy Valentine’s Day

img_1960I love this story I got from a guy who is nice enough to comment on my writing from time to time.  He is always telling me what a wonderful woman his wife is and how lucky he is to have found her.  In fact, I think he described it as “lucky as a dog with two dicks. I couldn’t speak from experience for obvious reasons, but he certainly sounds happy.

Me: How did you meet her?

Him: I met my wife at my local bar and she was sitting with some mutual friends I knew. I was working on several big projects at the steel plant and was getting behind on my house work and gardening so she offered her services. The house was spotless. My clothes ironed and folded and she even put a little garden in the back yard along with flowers along the driveway. I worked 11 months without a day off then finally got 2 weeks off at Christmas. I thanked her for her services and gave her a nice going away bonus. She asked what I was doing for the holidays and I said just taking a long deserved break alone. Why don’t we spend Christmas together she said and the next day she brought some clothes over along with her bird Joey and her little dog Amie. The next two weeks were magic and her spell has never worn off. I had given up on ever being happy again and had buried myself in work. What a fool I was. I didn’t want love but love found me.

Me:  You were lucky to find each other.

Him:  Luckier than a dog with two dicks! Were going out dancing today and I wish you could be there to meet us and have some fun. I just wanted to share that my favorite song Higher and Higher is on YouTube and the video is of Fred Astaire and partner dancing to it. It’s great fun and wish you would watch it and think of me!

Me: That sounds really lucky.  Tell me about her

Him: My wife is Marie and she comes from a large family of German/Russian descent from Regina Saskatchewan western Canada.She married young and moved to Calgary Alberta and had four kids in a row. Her first husband drank himself to death at 34 years old. She then met a man I knew from Sault Ste. Marie and they moved back here. From what little I know he drank and abused her till she’d had enough and left him. She managed a large motel when I met her and lived just around the corner from me. She keeps in great shape exercising and loves reading novels. Summertime she’s out in the garden and we have lots of preserves come fall. I know you would love her for she’s kind and friendly and likes a few beer and good company. I have a funny story about meeting her mother if you want to hear it?

Me:  I’d love to hear that one.

Him:  We went out west to visit my wifes’ family after we got married and the first night in Regina we spent at her Mothers’ place. Her Mom was leery about me and a little cold but polite. My wife was tired so went to bed and left me and Mom to talk. I got us a couple of beers and she showed me her picture albums of the family. There were old pictures of a little girl with a dog or sitting on a pony. I’d ask is that little girl you Grandma and she yelled don’t call me granma and I laughed. Another picture of a little girl and I asked the same question and the madder she got. Finally I asked if she would like another beer Grandma and this time she smiled and politely said yes, thanks son and we were pals after that. I loved all her family and they accepted me and loved me as there own.

Me:  I like the way Grandma thinks.

This is one of the best love stories I’ve heard in a long time.  It has all the essentials, housework, bars, Fred Astaire, And a beer-swigging granny.  I’d love to know this guy and his sweetie.

A card and poem from Mother.

scan_20170213Finding True Love is hard to do.

Looking for one, forever true.

Resigned to a life, always alone.

Thinking my heart would never find home.

Not looking for love, love found me.