Doo Doo Bossier


In college, I suppose I was just a bit slow to catch on when Bud and his cousin Freddie kept talking about a guy in one of their classes named “Doo Doo Bossier.” I was always hearing, “Doo Doo did so and so.” or “Wait till you hear what Doo Doo did now!”

As I was walking to class one day, I met, Judy, Bud’s cousin’s wife walking with another girl. She introduced us, “This is Becky Bossier. Her brother has a lot of classes with Freddie and Bud.”

I am friendly, if not too smart. “Oh, then you must be Doo Doo Bossier’s sister.”

She made sure I knew her brother’s name was Gerald. We never became friends.

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9 thoughts on “Doo Doo Bossier

  1. Remember this as being a good one. My younger brother had a friend, nicknamed “Eggbeater Baurle,” “Baurle,” pronounced like “barley.” Don’t know the significance of the nickname, there had to be a story behind it.


  2. Perfectly natural thing to say since most young men would have a nickname. A bit stand offish of her not to explain it’s not a name he likes and he’d prefer his proper name to be used.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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