Dirty Women

pig in slopI just get dirty. I don’t mean my shoes have little smudges. I look like I fell in the garbage every day. I don’t understand it. When I worked, I dressed and left the house just like everyone else. By the time I got to work, I had stepped in something, spilled coffee on myself, or rubbed up against something and gotten a spot on my clothes. As the day went on, I was sure to end up with ink spots on my hands and/or clothes and have a few spots. I sponged the worst off, but still got home a mess.
I wear my oldest clothes in the yard and make no effort to stay clean. After a few hours of digging, hauling, moving rocks, and planting, I look like I have been rolling in the mud. That doesn’t bother me in the least. When I am done working, I just drop the clothes in the washer, and get straight in the shower.
My mother and two of my sisters stay crisp and clean. Mother can wear white and work all day and look like she’s dressed for a garden party. My other sister is like me. She looks like she works on a garbage truck. What in the world do people do who stay clean? Is it magic?

38 thoughts on “Dirty Women

  1. All I can say is that I’m with you and your sister. I’m also a dirty woman, have no idea why, and have no understanding of how those women who remain immaculate at all times do so. I’m glad to learn I’m in good company!


  2. dave lewis says:

    I worked with a guy called Frank and we could work side by side all day and he would come out spotless and I would be a mess. I asked him his secret and he said [ You have to work with it, not in it } Guess who did most of the bull work though?


  3. Dirty women is better than being “nasty women”. But you sound like any of us- if there is a bread crumb to be present, it would be around my mouth. If there is a bit of salad green that remains, it would remain on my teeth.
    You are in good company.


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