Charley’s Tale Part 7

Things settled into a new normal once Ellen reluctantly returned to her home.  Little Charley made every step Cora made, unless she was lucky enough to catch the boys playing indoors, when they captured her total attention.  Like all babies, the toys of the older children were the most delightful, especially when they grabbed them and ran.  Ellen punished the brothers for calling her Charley but soon tired of the effort and gave it up as a lost cause.

Ellen left more and more of the care of the children to Cora, immersing herself in her volunteer activities.  She was president of the Altar Guild, Secretary of the Missionary Society, headed up the Donation Committee, and Representave to the War Widows and Orphan Benefit Society.  Not only that, she was very active in her Sorority.  As a doctor’s wife, she was expected to take a leading role in the community.  She was formidable.  As the children grew, she began to host her social functions at her mother, Geneva’s house, ostensibly to lessen her mother’s.  Though her husband provided a gracious home, her mother’s home and things were far finer and didn’t come along with boisterous children.

Cora was relieved to have Miss Ellen occupied outside the house.  It was a relief not to deal with headaches, tears, and outbursts at the children, especially Charley.  The baby was completely as ease in Cora’s care, happily toddling behind her banging on pots and pans.  The boys were old enough to be outdoors most of the time.  The family was settling in comfortably.  Dr. Evans was gratified to have peace in his home thanks to Cora’s skillful management.

With the children out of sight, out of mind, Elle’s life suited her far better.  She only saw the children at bedtime, if at all.Being the wife of a handsome, prominent doctor suited her.  With her time  her own, she looked forward to a generous inheritance.  Unfortunately, she suffered a nervous setback should she receive an invitation to a baby shower or christening, but by and large, her life was good.



15 thoughts on “Charley’s Tale Part 7

  1. Okay, I don’t have a question. But an observation. I’m glad the children are happy under Cora’s care. Though that does not bode well for Ellen at all.

    It’s difficult to see past Ellen’s selfishness to feel bad for her. But it’s obvious she is or will be hurting terribly.


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