Doggonit, Give Me Some Directions that Make Sense


            I’m not good with directions.  In fact, I’d have to improve considerably to even be bad.  Useless terms like left, right, North, South, East, and West annoy me.  If people actually expect me to get somewhere, they need to be more specific.  “Turn off the interstate at exit 5.  Go the opposite direction you’ve been going and go three streets past Brookshire’s.   Drive just a minute or so and you’ll see a restaurant with the big cow in the parking lot.  Don’t turn there.  Drive to the next red light and turn on the street that turns between the WaWa and that hardware store with the inflatable lumberjack.  Watch for the ugly house with the silk flowers in the bucket of that tacky wishing well.  Pass it up, but now you need to start driving pretty slow.  You’ll see a big, old white house with a deep porch and…

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5 thoughts on “Doggonit, Give Me Some Directions that Make Sense

  1. I’m directionally challenged, but if someone gives me good directions (as you did above), I can find the place. I hate it when people ask me to give directions — I’ve lived in the same place for 40 years, so unsuspecting people assume I’m a good person to ask — because I know they want the standard “go west on HWY 72 North until you get to east 31, then south on 31 until you’re 4.3 miles past the intersection of 31 and CTH BB” kind of directions, and they’re never gonna get that from me.


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