Dear Auntie Linda, July 30, 2015


Auntie LindaDear Auntie Linda, I have not been able to get pregnant in three years.  My husband wants to adopt.  I am worried that I will I will get a baby with problems if I adopt.  I am concerned about the unstable background it might come from. What do you think?  Worried about baby.

Dear Worried, I think either having a baby or adopting is a toss up.  Take a good look at your family and your husband’s.  Every child has lots of options. not limited to traits you may be admiring it yourself or your husband.  We are what we are.  Frankly, if anyone, myself included, was looking at making a decision about having children by looking at the prospective parent’s collective gene pool, they’d probably want to think long and hard about it.  That being said, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out. Auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda, My husband’s older half-sister, Hazel, has a daughter…

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