The Afternoon video – If you are sitting there saying to yourself – I’m too old to do that!


8 thoughts on “The Afternoon video – If you are sitting there saying to yourself – I’m too old to do that!

  1. I love the kid who’s in the background saying “that’s my uncle, my uncle Bruce, go uncle Bruce!”
    My only concern would be the falls. Skateboarding is very dangerous even for the young., BUT Kudos for them getting out there and doing something. I used to do gymnastics and it is my guess that some of these old guys may have done some of that stuff when they were younger, so the memory is hardwired in them. It’s just a matter of getting fit enough to do all that. My hubby used to do stunt cycling but would have to get in shape and practice to do it again, now. My focus is in staying limber and strong. Who cares what you look like. It’s how you feel that counts. I have to admit, I never liked huge, bulky body builder types but you do have to keep it up or the sag is worse. Plus you feel bad. At least that’s what I’ve noticed.


  2. I just watched a 91 yr old gymnast on asymmetric bars, thanks to facebook. I was blown away by her agility, I know there is muscle memory and pattern,and that if you constantly do these things there is a good chance if you keep your fitness you will be doing them slower but still at a good age. But I couldn’t get my leg up to get on let alone do the programme. They shame me and alongside the shock at seeing myself in others photographs taken at the blog awards Saturday… It is time I sorted myself out.


  3. Uh, kudos to the old guy for continuing to pretend anyone wants to look at that… I’m not judging, his bills must be huge and I’m in no position myself to take the high road on ‘body beautiful’. But there’s also things called taste and aging gracefully and Mr. Arnold seems to have lost both.


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