Joke of the Day


Two blondes were walking through the woods when they saw some tracks.  The first said,”These look like deer tracks,”and the other one said , ” No,they look like moose tracks”. They argued until the train hit them.

A blond boarded a plane to Chicago. She was seated in the general passenger section. Once the airplane was in the air, she got up and went into first class and took a seat. The stewardess told her that unless she produced a first class ticket she had to return to the other section. The blonde refused and said I am going to Chicago and I am staying here. Other stewardesses tried everything to get her to move, but she refused and kept saying she was going to Chicago and she was staying where she was. Finally, the stewardess told the Captain about the situation. The co-pilot offered to go in and…

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3 thoughts on “Joke of the Day

  1. Sorry if this shows up twice…I sent it, and it disappeared! I was saying “Sadly that meme i is too often too accurate. And painful, let us not forget painful! Maybe that poor girl is a visual aid…? 🙂


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