Bucket List for a Spring Chicken

Mother will be ninety in May.  A few weeks ago, my youngest sister asked if she had a bucket list.

“Not really,” she answered.  “I’ve seen London, Dublin, New York City, and San Francisco.  I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, and lots of the United States.  I’ve worked as a teacher and in a cemetery.  I’ve seen my name and art on the cover of a book.  I’ve been married and had five children, then had lots of years on my own since your daddy died.  I’ve been lucky and gotten to do so many things I only dreamed of growing up in The Depression in Cuthand, Texas.  I guess the only thing I’ve been thinking about is taking a trip on Amtrak.”

That didn’t sound like much of a hill to climb.  I called a very dear family member we’d both been wanting to visit for a while and wangled an invitation. We invited my sister-in-law, Shirley, which ensured a great time.  After checking the dates with everybody, I got the tickets.  About a week before we were to leave, Mother called.

“Have you already bought those tickets?  It’s really not a good time for me to go before Christmas.  I’d rather not spend the money right now and I haven’t done any shopping.  Can you get your money back?   Could we schedule it sometime later?”

I didn’t remind her she’s never once, in her whole life has ever felt it’s the best time to spend some money.  I also didn’t remind her she always gives everyone cash, so there’s no gift shopping.  “You don’t have to decide today.  Think about it a day or two.  Your ticket is your Christmas gift, so that won’t cost you anything.”

That sealed it.  “Oh, in that case, I’m ready to  go.” She was as happy as a dead pig in the sunshine.

More to come …..



37 thoughts on “Bucket List for a Spring Chicken

  1. Love your wit and am so glad I came across your site. I think it is cool that your mom is your illustrator. I have been away from most of my sites I write on – FB; retirement-online.com, and this site primarily because I am trying to finish a second Kindle book. And it is driving me up a wall as I miss posting and writing but soon it will be done and then I will get back to my usual entries all be they sporadically and not on any type of schedule. How do you schedule your postings or do you merely post when you find a minute or two to get to the computer. Keep on writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I try to write a while everyday. I have had a long dry spell over the last few months because I’ve been with a sick family member. That’s been my priority, but now I’m encouraging myself to write more. When I have a serial going, I often try to do a little humor as well. Thanks for reading.


      • I know of what you speak. My wife has been sick for better than a week now and is just starting to feel a little better (they say it was the flu but it really knocked the wind out of her sails for a bit). So, between caring for her and doing this and that around the house, my writing mojo got up and went but now that she is feeling a bit better, I am anxious to get back to writing . I am not used to being so quiet regarding my writing for so long. Keep them coming.


    • And boy, does she know me. She always gets the best of me. Just so you know, like most people who won’t spend money, she has plenty of money stuck back. I don’t know what she’s saving it for at ninety! More tomorrow! I am so lucky to have her.

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