Crazy Charlsie Part 13

I started this serial months ago and finally got back to it.

It starts with Charley’s birth.

It continues with Charley’s coming of age.


Charley had never been invited to Marzell’s home or called her on the phone, so he went by to let her know he was going to spend the summer at the farm.  Stepfather Melvin met him at the door.  “What do you want?  You ain’t lost nothin’ here.”

“I just wanted to let Marzell know I’m going to my farm for the summer.”

“Oh, so you’re the morphodite that little tramp’s been running around with.  She ain’t having nothing else to do with you.  Get lost!” As the hateful man turned to slam the door, he shoved Marzell roughly to the floor.

Enraged, but mindless of his recent surgery, Charley tried to shove his way in to Marzell, Melvin burst out, pummeling him with his beefy fists.  A few well-placed blows reduced Charles to a crumpled heap on the porch.  “I’ll kill you if I ever see you close to her again, you freaky dyke!”  With a final kick to the ribs, Charles landed on the bottom step.

It took Charles several humiliating minutes to work his way to his feet as the pain in his left side held him in its twisted grip.  With one eye swollen shut and front teeth loose, his battered nose dripped blood down his shirt.  Charles’s first challenge to his manhood had left him suffering the second and most cruel emasculation of his young life.

As he struggled homeward, the sordid scene played over and over in his head. His surgical wound had eviscerated, leaking blood and serum.  He barely made it to his front porch before collapsing.  Thankfully, the dog’s barking alerted his father.

13 thoughts on “Crazy Charlsie Part 13

    • Thank you. Charlsie tugs at my heart. She is loosely based on my mother’s school bus driver. Mother always wondered about Louie. She said Louie was a woman who dressed like a man. When I took Mother back to her 75th high school reunion, we stayed at a BnB in a fine old house that Louie inherited. The family had been very wealthy. We found out a lot more about Louie. In addition to driving the school bus, she had her own cab and hired out at her convenience, probably more of a driver service. She rented out rooms, mostly to men. In addition, she had the telephone switchboard at her house and did the night shift. There would have only been rare night calls. Her most important job was being the local bootlegger. I don’t know if I can work all that in. It sounds like too much. So glad you didn’t lose interest. I am cogitating over the next post. It’s making my brain ache. Hope to have it by tomorrow.

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