Ironing and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


vintage-care-instructions-from-a-vintage-bookIt’s terrible how things from your youth manage to creep up on you as you are older.  Ironing, for instance.  After all the mountains of ironing I did as a kid, I swore when I got grown I’d never iron.  Then the miracle of permanent press and dryers came along.  Voila!  For forty years, I wore clothes hung up straight from the dryer.  Those items that required a bit of pressing were hung in the closet and passed over time after time till I just had to wear them, like to a funeral, wedding, or special event.  A dress or blouse might spend five years in the dark only to be discarded when I tired of reaching over it.  I had no problem wearing polyester or blends if they spared me ironing.  Of course, as a nurse, I wore non-descript scrubs…

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3 thoughts on “Ironing and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

  1. That is hilarious. My friends laugh at me for my rules about waving at motorists when we’re walking to the creek. On THIS side of the highway, I hail all cars, no matter which way they are going. On the OTHER side, I wave only to oncoming cars. There are other refinements, but my rules are nothing like yours. You take the cake for rules and humor.


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